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Elastic Brushed Fabric & Elastic Loop Fabric - OK Fabric

"OK fabric" is a special elastic raising fabric, also called as "Elastic Loop Fabric", originally developed by TORAY (Japan), is a blend of nylon and spandex (special weave) with 4-way elasticity. The surface of OK fabric is treated with high density brushed, and thus has a hook and loop fastening performance similar to the loop surface of a "Hook and Loop Fasteners". It can be used with the hook surface of a "Hook and Loop Fasteners". having elasticity is the main difference between it and ordinary brushed fabric or ordinary loop fabric. The back of the OK fabric is not coated with glue and cannot be used alone after cutting, it can only be used after laminated neoprene, mainly used in the manufacture of horse protective gear, medical protective gear, sports protective gear and wetsuit accessories etc.

The development of OK fabric comes from the actual needs in the industry. Products made of neoprene fabric as materials, when need to use "Hook and Loop Fasteners", if you sew "Hook and Loop Fasteners" on the neoprene fabric directly, it will cause neoprene layer is damaged, leaking, poor firmness, easy to tear. The thickness of the neoprene fabric can be up to 11 mm (1 - 11mm), sewing the "Hook and Loop Fasteners" on the thicker neoprene fabric is not feasible. And the "Hook and Loop Fasteners" have no elasticity, when used in conjunction with high-elasticity neoprene fabric, they cannot be synchronized during stretching, causing damage. The use of OK fabric can avoid these problems. When manufacturing protective gear products, because the entire OK fabric can be used with the hook surface of "Hook and Loop Fasteners", it can also play an effect similar to stepless adjustment.

Because OK fabric was originally developed by TORAY (Japan), usually we refer to this kind of fabric produced in Japan as "OK Fabric" or "JOK Fabric" (Japan OK Fabric), Taiwan production called "TOK Fabric" (Taiwan OK Fabric), China production called "COK Fabric" (China OK Fabric). In addition to TORAY, another company in Japan, SAWAMURA, has also started producing OK fabric in recent years, and there are several such fabric manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China.

Elasticity, peel strength, and durability are the three major indicators for evaluating the performance of OK fabric. Japan OK fabric has the best performance, Taiwan TOK fabric is second, and China COK fabric is again. For a long time, our company has been working hard to improve the production process. Finally, in 2017, we developed a product comparable to Japan OK fabric. The performance indicators are same or close to Japan OK fabric, and the cost is only half of Japan OK fabric. We named it "YOK Fabric".

At present, our company can directly sell Japan TORAY OK fabric (direct import), Yong Sheng YOK fabric (self-produced, comparable to Japan OK fabric), Taiwan Nam Liong TOK fabric (direct import), China COK fabric (self-produced). If the customer needs, our company can also provide all kinds of OK fabric laminated neoprene products (OK Neoprene Fabric). Whether selling OK fabric directly or selling OK neoprene fabric, our company offers highly competitive products because there is no intermediate link.

  • Japan OK Fabric & Japan Elastic Brushed Fabric & Japan Elastic Loop Fabric

Japan OK Fabric (OK)

Explain: Our company uses "Japan TORAY OK Fabric", which has a long-lasting and excellent hook-and-loop fastening properties. Direct import, no intermediate links, YS2178C is a standing stock, 24 colors available.

Model: YK1700 (Thin), YS2178C (Standard), LY2385 (Thicken).

Remark: TORAY OK fabric has a long delivery period and the quantity of supply is subject to certain restrictions.

  • Yongsheng OK Fabric & Yongsheng Elastic Brushed Fabric & Yongsheng Elastic Loop Fabric

Yongsheng OK Fabric (YOK)

Explain: "Yongsheng OK Fabric" is a product developed by our company that is equivalent to Japan OK fabric. The performance indicators are same or close to the original Japan OK fabric, and the cost is only half of the original Japan OK fabric. This is a very cost-effective product. The product has a greater advantage than the Japan OK fabric in terms of the degree of cooperation, delivery period and quantity of supply.

Model: YSJ300 (Thin), YSJ380 (Standard), YSJ450 (Thicken).

  • Taiwan OK Fabric & Taiwan Elastic Brushed Fabric & Taiwan Elastic Loop Fabric

Taiwan OK Fabric (TOK)

Explain: Our company uses "Taiwan Nam Liong OK Fabric", which has a good hook-and-loop fastening properties. Direct import, no intermediate links, but after the launch of Yongsheng OK fabric, Taiwan OK fabric market share has been compressed to some extent.

Model: TOK601 (Standard), TOK601E (High Elasticity), TOK721 (Loop Surface).

  • China OK Fabric & China Elastic Brushed Fabric & China Elastic Loop Fabric

China OK Fabric (COK)

Explain: "China OK Fabric" produced by our company has better peel strength, but the durability is general, and it is suitable for occasions where the requirements are not high.

Model: YSC280.

  • OK Fabric - Custom Printed

OK Fabric - Custom Printed

Explain: "Custom Printed" refers to the printing of customer-designed patterns on white OK fabric to obtain a personalized product. This is a high-tech production process. we provide such services.

Applications: Personalized sports protective gear, medical protective gear and horse protective gear etc.

Remark: Only white Japan OK fabric and Yongsheng YOK fabric can be printed.

  • OK Fabric - Laminated Neoprene

OK Fabric - Laminated Neoprene

Explain: "Laminated Neoprene" means using glue to stick the "OK Fabric" to the surface of "Neoprene Sheet" (buffer material). The other side of the neoprene sheet is usually laminated with ordinary fabric (polyester, nylon, lycra, etc.), The laminated product is often referred to as "OK Neoprene Fabric".

Applications: Sports protective gear, medical protective gear, horse protective gear and wetsuit accessories etc.

OK Fabric Type:

Name Japan OK Fabric Yongsheng OK Fabric Taiwan OK Fabric China OK Fabric
Alias OK Fabric YOK Fabric TOK Fabric COK Fabric
Performance ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Price ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Explain Made in Japan Made by Yongsheng Made in Taiwan Made in China

Remark: Only elastic brushed fabric can be called "OK Fabric". Some manufacturers and suppliers also regard ordinary brushed fabric and terry fabric as OK fabric. This kind of situation is usually called "Fake OK Fabric" in the industry.

Products That Can Be Used With "Hook and Loop Fasteners" Hook Surface:

Type "Hook and Loop Fasteners"
Loop Surface
Loop Fabric Terry Fabric Brushed Fabric OK Fabric
Width 1.6 - 15cm 105 - 150cm 140cm 90 - 150cm 140cm
Surface Structure Loop Shaped Structure Brushed High Density Brushed
Reinforced With Glue Back Reinforced With Glue No
Elasticity No Low Usually None Good
Applications Wide Ordinary Special For Neoprene Fabric Wide Special For Neoprene Fabric
Used Separately Laminate Neoprene Used Separately Laminate Neoprene
Auxiliary Connection Materials For Various Products Protective Gear and Wetsuit Thermal Fabric Protective Gear and Wetsuit
Price Different Grades, Different Prices, But Usually Cheaper Than OK Fabric High Price
Suppliers Very Many Many Very Many Rarely

Remark 1: "Terry Fabric" is a predecessor of "OK Fabric". Its performance and application are similar, but its elasticity is relatively small, and slightly lower durability, but the price is cheaper, and there are more suppliers. Commonly used terry fabric has three kinds of "Medical Plush", "Long Shiny Terry", "Short Shiny Terry" (➜ Terry Fabric).

Remark 2: "Brushed Fabric" also called as "Flannelette", has many types, has good warmth retention, and has a soft feel. Broadly speaking "OK Fabric" is a kind of "Brushed Fabric", but ordinary brushed fabric is usually inelastic and the fluff is relatively thin. Because the surface is brushed, most brushed fabric have some hook and loop fastening performance.

Japan TORAY OK Fabric Technical Parameters:

Model YK1700 YS2178C LY2385
Feature Thin Standard Thicken
Composition Nylon + Spandex Nylon + Spandex Nylon + Spandex
Width (inch) 54″ 54″ 54″
Weight (g/y) 280 395 430
Prototype 3.74 3.82 2.87
After 100 Times 3.02 3.10 2.65
After 1000 Times / 1.82 1.93
After 2000 Times / 1.52 2.02
Prototype 10.80 10.40 9.30
After 100 Times 9.48 10.00 7.30
After 1000 Times / 4.67 4.83
After 2000 Times / 4.59 4.05